Your Home Address Is Costing You Jobs!

wnyjobhomeWhen was the last time you received a job rejection letter in the mail? Can you even remember? Probably not because like most people, almost all of your correspondences with employers is through email these days. So why are you wasting valuable Resume real estate by including your home address? If an employer wants to send you actual documents, then they can ask you for your address, however, chances are if they are sending you paperwork, then you’re past the resume stage.

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Your Email Address is Your First Impression

e-mailYour online name is your identity; Make it count. Use professional emails in your job hunting instead of one’s like A professional email would look something like Emails are free so make a new one. If you are upset that you now have two emails and have to check them both, then I recommend forwarding all your old/personal emails to your new, professional one.

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What’s the Resume Golden Standard?

resume standards

The Resume’s main point is to get you the interview. Remember that that point when you creating one. This is the only job for a Resume so don’t over think it. Most Resumes are only read in the matter of 10-20 seconds. Therefore, there is not one common or standardized resume; however I generally hear that a chronological one is the most preferred and one page is best unless you have plenty of relative experience. HR Reps are going to want to pair your skills and experience with the job as quickly as possible so make every second count.

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Erie County Career Centers & One-Stops

Career CenterThere are plenty of opportunities to strengthen your skills, network, and gain a foundation in your job search. Each career center & one-stop provides services to help facilitate your job search.

There are 3 Career Centers in Erie County. They each provide similar services and have very friendly staff that will help you if you have any questions. I’d recommend going to all three if you can. I’ve had times where I learned a great tip at one that the others didn’t know about, and if it wasn’t for someone that went to more than one, people would have missed out on this great tip. Here is a Map from the NYSDOL for all One-Stops and Department of Labor center’s in New York State.

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