Moved to our new home

wny job huntJust a quick note commemorating the fact that I’ve registered the new domain name of and working on improving its new home. All links should still work since I have forwarded the addresses. I’ve added to all posts a section at the bottom that displays similar posts so discovering related material should be easier and faster.

Two Years Strong!

two year anniversaryI’ve been writing and researching for this project for two years now, and it’s been a great experience. I’ve learned a lot along the way–both about job hunting and about myself. The hardest thing for me is trying to figure out who I am as a person and what role I want to play in society. I feel I am not alone in this regard, and it gives me encouragement to continue working on this site. I’ve found networking and learning from other people to be one of the best ways of learning about my self and the world. Asking questions and bouncing ideas back and forth with someone is unmatched in its ability to create something from nothing. Very few times in history has someone created an idea solely by themselves. Creation is definitely a group effort.

I hope to improve the site and deliver excellent content that will help someone else find a job. I haven’t found my dream job yet, but I feel I am at least on the right track now. Hopefully, I will have an  impact on someone else and they find their track too. It’s what my goal is for this project: To find my dream job and share what I’ve learned along the way.

It’s Time for a Refresh

job hunt refresh2013 is here so I think it’s time to make some changes to the site. My priorities are to make posts easier to read and with more links to related content. I’d like to make it so when I refer to something, such as another post, it will now be just one-click away. I’m also looking for a better designed theme.

Soon I will be moving the site to (UPDATE: DONE) instead of the current address that includes wordpress in the name. There’s some important technical steps that need to be taken to ensure this transition runs smoothly, but I believe it can be accomplished without any major glitches. Hopefully, if everything runs smoothly I can have the new site up and running, and it’ll  be more enjoyable to read and look at. Here’s to an even better year!

Too Long; Didn’t Read

too long; didn't readTL;DR – Have you seen this before? Chances are if you browse Reddit or other online forums you might have come across this little phrase. It fits our modern society very well. We want to know the main point of the story, but we also like to know the details. In order to get the best of both, we developed this little phrase. Whenever a person posts to a forum they sometimes ramble on and on…and on, which is good for details, but bad for time. TL;DR can save the day by having the main point at the end of the article so anyone can understand the post without having to read each and every word, thus, saving time and energy.

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Think Twice Before Accepting an Job Offer

Should I accept a job offerGreat news! You’ve been through all the job hunting, all the interviewing, you’ve put in countless hours of time, and now you have a job offer. You should take it, right? Not so fast. This job may not be to your benefit; it may be more detrimental to your career than you realize. The most important thing is to understand what you are accepting. The job isn’t the only thing you will have to agree with and willing to devote 8 hours of your daily life. It’s also your fellow employees and managers, the culture, the policies, and external forces you and your company have no control over.

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Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

linkedin-profile-optimization“87% of companies use LinkedIn for recruiting, so it’s a good bet that your next employer will look for talent there.” – Dan Fannigan, CEO at Jobvite.

Dan’s company, Jobvite – a SaaS platform for the social web that companies use to find and hire people, discovered this statistic when it conducted a recent study. It’s a good thing to know this fact because it seems LinkedIn is becoming the best method of networking, recruiting, and sharing your resume in the job hunt. Here are some simple actions Dan gives to boost your LinkedIn profile so recruiters find you, and your profile sells itself.

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Getting and Maintaining References

choosing-referencesReferences are the people you know that give the job recruiter validation that you are the right person to choose for the job. I’ve covered the benefits of references, and 10 tips for utilizing your references before so now I’m going to talk about how to get a reference, maintain those references, and give an overview of the Recommendation Sheet.

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Choose the Right Keywords to Use in Your Cover Letter & Resume

choose-keywordsThe job description is the first inkling you have as to what type of candidate the job recruiter wants, however, these job descriptions can be quite lengthy. Instead of re-reading the job description over and over again to get a sense of what skills recruiters are looking to hire, use a tag cloud generator that will automatically search through all the words in the job description and display (nice and boldly) what words are most used. This will give you ammunition to use when creating your cover letter and resume.

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