Too Long; Didn’t Read

too long; didn't readTL;DR – Have you seen this before? Chances are if you browse Reddit or other online forums you might have come across this little phrase. It fits our modern society very well. We want to know the main point of the story, but we also like to know the details. In order to get the best of both, we developed this little phrase. Whenever a person posts to a forum they sometimes ramble on and on…and on, which is good for details, but bad for time. TL;DR can save the day by having the main point at the end of the article so anyone can understand the post without having to read each and every word, thus, saving time and energy.

Why’s this relevant? Well, I think it’ll make these posts better and more efficient. I sometimes go back and read old posts whenever I’m job hunting so this will come in handy to me so I think you will like it to. I’d like to conclude all posts with a summary if it is needed. This is where TL;DR comes in. I’m going to include brief summaries at the end of certain articles so the main point can be found and understood as fast as possible.

tl;dr – I will now be adding summaries to some posts to get the main points across faster.

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