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I created this site because I had a need for one myself while job hunting and there wasn’t one available, and while job hunting, I came across a wealth of information so I decided to share it here with you. This isn’t just any site for job searching; it is dedicated specifically to job seekers in Western New York. I focus on local career centers, networking groups, and resources so you can can land your dream job faster.

My homepage lists the most recent articles below, and more articles can be found under their respective categories.

Make a Plain Text Resume

plain-text-resumesEver tried submitting your Resume to an online posting that asks for a Plain Text Resume but didn’t know what the heck they were talking about? Many people have. A Plain Text Resume is just a Resume that is only text; they’re isn’t any formatting such as bold, italics, or special characters such as bullet points. The company is asking for a Plain Text Resume because it’s easier for their computers to scan and search

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The Informational Interview: A Job Hunter’s Best Friend

dogThere’s this amazing thing called The Informational Interview, and it is a blessing to all job seekers in Buffalo, NY. The informational interview is simply an interview with someone that is at a company you would like to work, in a field that interests you, or is knowledgeable on a particular subject. But, the most important thing you must remember about all informational interviews is to never ask for a job or expect one to come from it. They are only to learn from the person you are meeting.

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Organize Your Job Search Better

quick-tipIt’s a numbers game right? They say the more jobs you apply for the more likely you will get a job, and to keep yourself organized, I’ve included several tips that help me keep track of all my documents that are needed when job hunting. This is a real simple method I use when applying for jobs that allows me to save time and my sanity during my job hunt. I’ve been using this method for over nine years.

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Use Long File Names for Resumes

quick-tipAfter you’ve created your Resume a nice trick to make it stand out with the Recruiter is to have a long, descriptive file name. This usually works for small businesses or companies that don’t use Resume scanning software. For example, Homer Simpson creates a Resume for a Project Manager position and names the file Homer Simpson – Project Manager – Resume.  This would make it easier for the recruiter to see your Resume when it’s in their My Documents folder. It’s similar to when it was recommended to use different colored paper or a FedEx overnight envelope to deliver your Resume. All it does is make you stand out; it’s just a little something extra.

Job Hunt Checklist

job-search-stepsI’ve been a big fan of checklists for years. They offer a fast and easy way to see the steps involved to any goal or project. Finding jobs in Buffalo is no exception. These are the most common steps you’ll take in your job hunt. I like to use them as milestones and confidence boosters because I feel one step closer to my goal every time I cross one off.

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